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How to properly bckup, update WordPress & plugins – Step by step to WP 5.5

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Step 1 Backup Step 2 Check The Compatibility of Plugins & Themes. Step 3 Update plugins & theme which is compatible. Step 4 Update to WordPress 5.5! Step 5 Check, Check, Check. Step 6 Restore (if necessary)

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Five Methods of Custom CSS for WordPress Including Block Editor & Elementor

“How to Do Custom CSS in WordPress” is a question asked frequently. Here are five methods including the best choices for what purposes you’ll need.
Then, you will be happy with your website customized by yourself!

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We are qualified to AMP standard by Google “AMP for WordPress”!

Facekungfu Studio is on the page – “Standard Mode”. “Standard Mode” is a solution much more difficult than “Transitional Mode” to build an AMP website.


How to show only excerpts in blog (post list) page?

There are two ways I got this done (any of these will work):
1. content.php is the file that controls this aspect
2. You can edit the theme OR the child theme functions.php file: