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Five Methods of Custom CSS Including for Gutenberg & Elementor

“How to Do Custom CSS in WordPress” is a question asked frequently. Here are five methods including the best choices for what purposes you’ll need.
Then, you will be happy with your website customized by yourself!


“Fast or Slow” – A Service To Test Website Speed Around The World

Here’s an example of performance report for our website
It’s useful for anyone who would like to test the websites performance metrics from locations around the world for free!

Optimization Web Design WordPress

We are qualified to AMP standard by Google “AMP for WordPress”!

Facekungfu Studio is on the page – “Standard Mode”. “Standard Mode” is a solution much more difficult than “Transitional Mode” to build an AMP website.


How to show only excerpts in blog (post list) page?

There are two ways I got this done (any of these will work):
1. content.php is the file that controls this aspect
2. You can edit the theme OR the child theme functions.php file: